Aetheza are an original alternative rock band from

Guildford, UK who formed in 2016

Aetheza are a hard-hitting alternative rock band from Surrey breaking down barriers and bringing people together through their music. The blend of relentless riffs and driving rhythms with powerful vocal melodies gives Aetheza their unique sound. Aetheza’s lyrics strive to help others fight through life’s obstacles, and to find strength in the community founded by their music.


Aetheza are led by fire-breathing Alisha Meehan, a strong, badass frontwoman, whose huge presence on stage is impossible to look away from. She is joined by Mini Fairhurst: a small drummer with big personality, Luke Cunnington: a guitarist with awkward demeanour and endless supplies of puns, and Tony Lewis: a wannabe philosopher holding down the bottom end.


Get ready to run